Hofman Piercing & Fine Jewelry is open for business

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Piercing studio HOFMAN

Hello and welcome! First of all, thank you for being here. I’m very excited to write this as it’s about something very special to me but since you’re reading this that means I now share this excitement with you! Yes, I’m very happy as this is a huge milestone in my life. My own piercing studio!

As you might have known we will re-open on a new location and in the coming weeks I will write more about the studio itself. But today, let’s talk about the new name and everything that comes with it.

How it all started. Hofman Piercing & Fine Jewelry story behind the scenes.

Ever since I started piercing, I’ve been striving too always do better than yesterday. Raising quality, expanding jewelry, improving hygiene far beyond the GGD minimum guidelines and getting a more luxurious feel to piercing. Creating a place where the focus is on you. Your wishes, style, safety and comfort should be the main concern of your piercer.

To express that philosophy better I decided to change my business name and branding. Frankly, Hofman Piercing & Fine Jewelry just sounds a lot better, doesn’t it?

sterilized piercing table at HOFMAN

Hofman Piercing & Fine Jewelry is goin online!

Today the re-branding is finished and I am officially launching Hofman Piercing & Fine Jewelry. Same high-quality service as you’re used to but with a new name, logo, website and new social media. Now all the hard work in the studio is represented online as well!

Wait, there’s more!

Hofman Piercing and fine jewelry collection

To be honest, that’s only half of it. Of course, I focused on how I want to present my studio but what brings my studio to life is you, the customer. The center of my goals has always been to provide high-quality service and jewelry, provide a safe place, and cater to your needs. 

After all, you are the best part of my job! I invested in all of this to create a better experience for you.

The Hofman Piercing & Fine Jewelry website

I wanted the website to be a place where you can find all the information you need regarding piercing and look for new jewelry. 

Now, you have the chance to experience the webshop if you want to see the jewelry at home beforehand and glance among all the possibilities. This will unload a lot of stress since you won’t feel overwhelmed when you come to the studio. 

Now you can order anything online. Or maybe you want to reserve a piece online for your piercing when you’re in the studio!

You will have access to regular blog posts on various topics regarding the studio and piercing. I’m looking forward to all of your comments on that! If you have specific topics you would like me to write more about, let me know. 

It’s been a lot of work getting all of this done, and I can’t leave this without thanking JOC studio for their fantastic work! I sometimes feel that I was born in the wrong century. I am horrible at anything digital. Without their expertise, this would have never happened, and I look forward to collaborating in the future.

For now, I hope you enjoy exploring the website and our social media. There is a lot to read and discover, and there is more coming in the future. 

You can follow me on my social media accounts and stay up to date. And If there are any questions or suggestions feel free to contact me, you know where to find me.

See you soon.


Hofman Piercing and Fine Jewelry.Stuart professional piercer in the Netherlands


Founder, Piercer

Founder and full-time piercer Stuart is the main face of the studio. Serious, a dose of humor (well, if we can call dad-jokes funny) and a lot of coffee, that’s how we can describe Stuart best.

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