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Your piercings tell a tale.
Let it be poetic!

We bring out your inner perfection.
We put your uniqueness in the spotlight.

Your beauty.
Our jewelry.

Hofman Piercing and Fine Jewelry.Stuart professional piercer in the Netherlands


Founder, Piercer

Founder and full-time piercer Stuart is the main face of the studio. Serious, a dose of humor (well, if we can call dad-jokes funny) and a lot of coffee, that’s how we can describe Stuart best.

business hours:

Tuesday – Saturday: 11:00 – 18:00
Sunday: appointment only

Voorstraat 408 3311CX 

piercing & fine jewelry Hofman


Piercing and jewelry have the unique capability to make a person stand out, to bring attention to what is easily overlooked, and in doing so emphasize one’s natural beauty.
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piercing & fine jewelry earings Hofman


New techniques and materials, hand-made jewelry and the highest standards of hygiene and safety are our normal.

Piercing room close up showing the statim autoclave