The piercing

the lounge area of the piercing studio with two comfy chairs and a reading table.

You've decided you're getting a piercing! So what are you getting yourself into?
I can imagine you are a little nervous about what's going to happen. Well, let me tell you what a typical piercing procedure looks like at Hofman Piercing & Fine Jewelry, so you know what to expect.


First, let’s answer the most difficult question. What jewelry would you like in your fresh piercing? At Hofman Piercing & Fine Jewelry, we pride ourselves on having a vast jewelry collection suitable for new piercings. However, there are some restrictions; the material, shape, and size all need to be suited for your piercing. We spend the first part of the piercing appointment talking through options. Still, you can already have a look at the webshop and get some inspiration. Have a look to see what’s available so you won’t be overwhelmed when you come to your appointment. Remember, we can anodize everything titanium to a variety of colors too!

Hofman Piercing and fine jewelry collection
front counter where jewelry is displayed and consent forms filled in


Once we decide on the jewelry, we will ask you to fill in a consent form. We require you to bring a valid ID (ID, passport, or driver’s license), so we can verify your age. A picture is NOT accepted so, please don’t forget to bring an ID. You can take a look at the consent form here, so you know what to expect, but you will need to fill-up the form at the studio at the time of your appointment.


While you are filling in the consent form, the piercer is preparing the piercing room for you. We will sterilize the jewelry you selected and everything needed to clean, mark and pierce is being set up.

The consent form is filled in, the piercing room is set up, and that’s when we proceed to the next steps. First, we will clean the site where the piercing will come and put a dot where the piercing could go. We will ask you to check the mark in the mirror. Be honest with us. If you would rather have the piercing somewhere else or even want to see what it would look like if it’s placed somewhere else, tell the piercer. We can reposition the mark easily but to move a piercing is a different story. The perfect place for the piercing is where you want it, and our piercers are happy to take the time to find that ideal place for you. 

Once you are happy with the mark, we will clean the piercing place again with a skin disinfectant and set up for the piercing procedure. Depending on the specific piercing, we will ask you to sit or lay down. The piercer will put on sterile gloves and take out the freshly sterilized jewelry from the autoclave. 

mayo stand set up with piercing equipment
the piercing room, showing the working counters, hand washing sink and autoclaves


Now it’s getting serious! But don’t worry, we’re here to guide you through the whole thing, and it will be over before you know it. The piercer will place a sterile drape around the piercing and do a quick check to see what position to pierce. Once the piercer has found the proper position to pierce you, we will ask you if you are ready. If you’re ready, we will ask you to gently breathe in and gently breathe out, and by the time you are done breathing out, the piercing is done!


Now the hard part’s over with! All we have to do now is insert the jewelry you picked and clean the place you got pierced. This will feel nice and cooling!

Neilmed piercing aftercare

And that's how easy it is. Yes, you felt it as you were getting pierced, but the pain is usually way less than expected. All we have to do now is explain the aftercare but first, go check out your new piercing in the mirror!