Crescent moon clicker


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Crescent moon shaped ring with the very practical “clicker” or “hinged segment” closing system. Easy to change without the need of tools, no loose parts that can get lost. The most popular closing system today!

This piece is perfect for a Daith piercing but would also make for a very unique septum or helix or lobe piercing. A good choice for your healed piercing. Always check the size of the piece for the piercing you would like to wear it in, rings look best when they fit snugly but a diameter that is too small can cause irritation. If you’re not sure if something would look good, come by the studio for a free consult!

Titanium is nickel free and can be anodized on request to a variety of colors, see the “anodizing color chart” for colors and add your choice in the comments section. Anodizing is a safe way to color the titanium, this will not impact the gems.

Title : Crescent moon clicker ring
Category : ring
Brand : n/a
Name : Crescent moon clicker ring
Material : titanium
Type : clicker ring
Gem : no gem
Size : 1,2 x 8 x 4mm (gauge x hight x width)

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