NAGA, lizardite plugs


Prices include 21% VAT as is the standard in NL for luxury items.

Plugs by NAGA Body Jewelry made the finest quality lizardite available.

Lizardite is bright yellow in color with white and black specs or stripes. The outspoken color makes these a popular material for plugs as they are real eyecatchers. A stone that was used by Moaris in New Zealand for various purposes this is a gem that is again gaining popularity.

Sold per pair. Larger sizes available on request.

NAGA plugs and tunnels are all 100% handmade with many one of a kind pieces. They feature only genuine and high quality gems. No glass, no CZ, no synthetics! Treat yourself with real jewels!

Title : NAGA body jewelry lizardite plugs
Category : plugs & tunnels
Brand : NAGA Body Jewelry
Name : Naga lizardite
Material : lizardite
Type : plug
Gem : lizardite
Size : 4mm – 52mm

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