Industrial Strength, Gemini, Almandine garnet


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Almandine garnet is a specific variety of garnet that is more purple/pink in colour. A gem that is highly praised because of that deep colour. The “gemini” series set themselves apart by the bezel-set gems and the addition of a second, smaller gem under the bigger gem, giving this piece a unique appearance.

The best choice for your fresh or healed piercing. Always check the size of the piece for the piercing you would like to wear it in, jewelry looks best when there is enough room around it. If you’re not sure if something would look good, come by the studio for a free consult!

Industrial Strength is an icon in piercing jewelry, offering the best quality body jewelry since 1991. Made with ASTM-F1295 or ASTM-F136 implant grade titanium (hypoallergenic and nickel free), polished to the highest standard and using only the best quality gems, Industrial Strength offers a lifetime guarantee on production errors.

Titanium can be anodized on request to a variety of colours, see the “anodizing color chart” for colours and add your choice in the comments section. Anodizing is a safe way to colour the titanium, this will not impact the gem.

Title : Industrial Strength, Gemini, almandine garnet
Category : Navel
Brand : Industrial Strength
Name : Gemini navel curve
Material : ASTM F-1295 Titanium
Type : threaded Navel-curve
Gem : almandine garnet
Size : 1,6 X 11,1mm 2x 5mm bezel set gem 1x 7mm bezel set gem

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