NAGA Body Jewelry, vesica piscis rainbow moonstone


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Exceptional end piece by NAGA Body Jewelry for your fresh or healed piercing. A genuine rainbow moonstone set in solid 18kt gold, this is a real eyecatcher! This particular shape is called “vesica piscis” and symbolizes the divine.

Moonstone is a gem that has been revered throughout history but is still gaining popularity every day, and for good reason! The beautiful yet subtle way light is refracted makes this gem so special is known as adularescence or shiller and gives a beautiful glow. When you this gem in real life you’ll see why in roman times it was believed this gem was made of solidified rays of moonlight. And that still the perfect way to describe this gem.

This piece is perfect for a conch, flat, lobe or helix piercing as well as lip piercings. Perfect for your fresh or healed piercing. Always check the size of the piece for the piercing you would like to wear it in, jewelry looks best when there is enough room around it. If you’re not sure if something would look good, come by the studio for a free consult!

Made to be used with push pin labrets from Industrial Strength and Divinity Metals.

NAGA ends are made of 18k gold only with 14k threadless pin. They are all 100% handmade with
many one of a kind pieces. They feature only genuine and high quality gems. No glass, no CZ, no
synthetics! Treat yourself with real jewels!

Brand      •     NAGA Body Jewelry
Category     •     End piece
Material     •     18kt gold, yellow
Type     •     press fit / push pin end piece
Gem     •     rainbow moonstone
Size     •     7,5 x 4 mm

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