Industrial Strength, bezel set black onyx


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Genuine black onyx and high polished titanium, a strong combination. Onyx has deep black color without being “sparkly” and because of that it is a favorite for those who want a more minimalistic look. Black is a color that matches most other colors very well and because of that, very versatile.

Bezel set means the gem is set in a cup and the back and sides are, in this case, titanium. The advantages of this type of settings are that these are smooth and closed off. Less chance of irritation and they are easy to clean. This type of jewelry is also very low profile, small sizes are perfect for nostrils where jewelry that sticks out isn’t usually desired. Larger sizes are great in almost any piercing.

This piece is perfect for a conch, flat, lobe or helix piercing as well as various lip piercings. The best choice for your fresh or healed piercing. Always check the size of the piece for the piercing you would like to wear it in, jewelry looks best when there is enough room around it. If you’re not sure if something would look good, come by the studio for a free consult!

To be used with threadless posts from Industrial Strength or Divinity Metals.

Industrial Strength is an icon in piercing jewelry, offering the best quality body jewelry since 1991. Made with ASTM-F1295 or ASTM-F136 implant grade titanium (hypoallergenic and nickel free), polished to the highest standard and using only the best quality gems, Industrial Strength offers a lifetime guarantee on production errors.

Titanium can be anodized on request to a variety of colors, see the “anodizing color chart” for colors and add your choice in the comments section. Anodizing is a safe way to color the titanium, this will not impact the gem.

Title : Industrial Strength, bezel set black onyx
Category : End piece
Brand : Industrial Strength
Name : threadless bezel set natural stone
Material : ASTM F-1295 Titanium
Type : Threadless/push pin/press fit
Gem : Black onyx cabochon
Size : available in 2, 3 or 4mm gem

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