Divinity metals side set gem clear zirkonia


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Side set discs are perfect for piercing that are mostly seen from the side. They are perfect for example, for nipple piercings, industrial piercings or erl/bridge piercings. Set in implant grade titanium and featuring a variety of gem options, these are the perfect addition for your piercings.

Click here for barbells or labrets (select 1.6mm thickness) to fit your new side set gems.

End pieces all show which back they can be attached to. Always check the diameter and length of the bar needed. If you are unsure you can always reach us at contact@hofmanpiercing.com or come by the studio for a free consultation.

Divinity Metals only uses ASTM F-136 implant grade titanium for their jewelry so you can rest assured they are nickel free and proven to be safe for long term wear.

Titanium can be anodized on request to a variety of colors, see the “anodizing color chart” for colors and add your choice in the comments section. Anodizing is a safe way to color the titanium, this will not impact the gem (if present).

Title : Divinity metals side set gem disc
Category : end pieces, nipple
Brand : Divinity metals
Name : side set gem disc
Material : ASTM F136 implant grade titanium
Type : threadless end piece
Gem : clear zirkonia
Size : 4mm gem

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